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The first 60 days of calving...

The first 60 days of a calf's life is crucial. We have identified some challenges farmers may face during this time and how our products can improve calf health and well-being which in-turn promotes growth and development.

Successful calf rearing is geared towards a healthy and productive adult, with a well developed and functioning rumen.
As calving season approaches, we want to help alleviate challenges faced by farmers. Our range of OptiCalf™, OptiCalf™ Flourish and ZorbiFresh™ Active products will improve your calves health and benefit your dairy herd's productivity and longevity into the future. 

Trio of calving solutions

This trio of solutions kills bacteria in bedding and absorbs moisture and ammonia, it binds toxins in the gut and also provides billions of good bacteria back in to the calf. Each product has it's place in the overall solution to the challenges you face for the first 60 days of calving.

How is OptiCalf™ a solution for you?

  • OptiCalf™ is easily dispersed into feed troughs and great value for money, meaning farmers have peace of mind for feeding time.
  • Calves love the taste, so they'll keep going back for more. You cannot overfeed OptiCalf™. Just ensure calves have access to plenty of fresh water.
  • Due to compact calving seasons, farmers can distribute OptiCalf™ in feed troughs and focus more time elsewhere as calf numbers increase. 
  • Suitable for minor cases of calf diarrhoea.
  • Helps combat challenges of low energy, feed delays, bacteria risks and overcrowding.

How is OptiCalf™ Flourish a solution for you?

  • Supports calf productivity and helps raise healthy calves.
  • With added probiotics to assist with the maintenance of health and productivity of animals.
  • Suitable for minor cases of calf diarrhoea.
  • Is added to milk for easy distribution to calves, helping support farmers during feeding times.
  • Helps combat challenges of low energy, feed delays, bacteria risks, overcrowding, low resistance and waste milk.

How is ZorbiFresh™ Active a solution for you?

  • ZorbiFresh™ Active starts killing bacteria in bedding as soon as it's applied, reducing moisture and bacteria in calf pens
  • Reduces odour in pens, by absorbing up to 100% of its weight in moisture, soaking up ammonia and nitrates to give calves and farmers a fresher, healthier environment
  • Combats challenges of overcrowding, bacteria risks and the threat of ammonia in calving pens
  • For use on all animal bedding types

Blue Pacific Minerals Agriculture catalogue

We are pleased to introduce to you a wider range than just calving. Here at BPM we have worked hard to bring products to the market to help the health of dairy cows and other livestock and to help with productivity of your herd and farm.


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