Respiratory disease in calves

Pneumonia of dairy calves is a disease of young, housed calves. It can be caused by a combination of threats to your calf, including poor colostrum management, dehydration and other diseases in addition to bacterial agents such as ammonia. Other respiratory diseases in your calves may include calf diphtheria, calf coughs and lungworm. 

Affected calves might cough and could be either bright and well with minimal discharge from their nose/eyes or they could be very sick. Early diagnosis, treatment and prevention is really important as once the calves are sick the damage to the lungs can be permanent, meaning the calves will continue to be susceptible to respiratory disease as they grow. 

By using ZorbiFresh™ Active in your calving pens to avoid ammonia growth and prevent damp and smelly bedding, you will help eliminate bacteria as soon as it is laid. Also try in combination with OptiCalf™ or OptiCalf™ Flourish to help create strong, healthy calves. Click on the respective bags for more information on each product.


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