Looking for a solution to lack of weight gain in your dairy calf herd?

To ensure the longevity and productivity of a healthy dairy herd, calves need to gain significant weight from the rearing to weaning stage. Especially in the first 60 days of a calf's life, there are many challenges faced by both the farmer and the dairy calf herd. Weight gain in your calves is extremely important as successful weaning based on calf weight and meal intake will help calves develop into healthy heifers. 

With good calf weight management from rearing to weaning, farmers will ensure a more efficient transition for their dairy herd. The difficulty of managing a large herd of calves can be time-consuming for farmers as many stressors within the first 60 days of their lives are present. Weaning will be more successful if your calves are only exposed to one stressor at a time.

Weaning can be a challenging time for a calf for two main reasons:

  1. Their main source of nutrients switches from liquid to solids
  2. They are exposed to new bugs or bacteria as they enter new environments.

Our OptiCalf™ products can help alleviate the challenges of weight gain or weaning in your dairy calf herd. OptiCalf™ is a good solution for busy farmers looking to maintain calf weight gain as an easily dispersible granule in feed troughs. Whereas OptiCalf™ Flourish has added probiotics to support rumen health and good bacteria for the longevity of a healthy dairy herd, feed in milk.

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